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“Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter.”
Ansel Adams quote.

Evie Carrier is from both Grand Rapids and Paradise (in Michigan's Upper Peninsula).  She has a unique way of expressing  cityscapes, landscapes, and waterscapes. She captures stunning beauty through the lens, while combining dramatic sunsets, vivid colors of skies and blending the tapestries of the universe around her.

She was introduced to art during her years at Creston High School and Evangel College. After college, she moved to New York City where she studied the Old Masters and began to develop her own style working on canvas with oil and acrylic.

After moving from New York, to Philadelphia where she continued to paint. It was there she first began displaying  and selling her work.

Evie moved back to Michigan with her husband and new baby girl, for several years she experimented with  watercolor paper and paints.

In 2006, her husband bought her a digital camera. From that moment on, she felt as though she had finally found the perfect avenue for her creativity.

Some of her favorite places include:

1. Paris France
2. New York City
3. Chicago
4. Antelope canyon
5. Beaches of The Great Lakes--Michigan, Superior and Huron
5. Valley of Fire
7. Zion National Park

She has studied with Todd and Brad Reed Photography, taken Photoshop classes, Canon
digital workshops for two years, and was tutored when out west by a Navajo tour guide named Dalvin.
She won 2nd Place in the Ludington Arts Photo Contest in 2009.
Honorary Mention in Thirsty Photo Blog 2010
Has been featured in:

Digital Photography
Photography and Textures
The Artful Photo
Abandoned Building and Ruins
Women Photographers
Photography from Art
Old Buildings and Ruins

She has had a show in the Cascade Library Gallery in January 2013
Participated in the Grand Valley Artist's Spring Show
Invited to hang in the Celebration of the Arts 2013